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The Gypsy Way

     Hey Gypsys, I'm Sarah, feel welcome!

     As I travel around, I've found that our world is like a huge playground, full of amazing places and cool cultural stuff. From busy city streets to calm nature spots, each place has its own interesting story.

     Take a leap into my world, where I've chosen to allow myself to live amazing experiences in places that I always dreamed about going and other ones that I never though I'd visit and turned into unforgettable destinations

Grab a drink and get ready, I have a lot to share with you!

Home Point Update

While you read this, I find myself in Costa Rica! Rich in culture, wildlife and always sunny, it's definitly a place to visit if you love nature and good vibes!


Discover the wonders of this incredible country through my eyes! Click here to start the journey!

Gypsy Way 

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